Height 10.88 in
Width 7.5 in
Weight 1 lbs
Depth 2.75 in

Multiple video and audio signals travel inside the cable and must arrive at your display or AV receiver perfectly in sync for a lifelike HD experience. The Monster 140699 Platinum Ultra High Speed HDMI Cables use exact wire terminations for ultra-precise signal timing and accuracy.



• High Speed High-Definition Digital Video and Multi-Channel Audio in One Cable.
• 22.5Gbps Ultra-High Speed Rated.
• Bandwith capable of 1080p+ resolution, 100/200 Hz motion, 8/12 bit color.
• Metal strain relief collar for maximum durability and conductor production.
• Ultimate 1080p, Ultra HD 4k at 60fsp.
• Durable gold-plated internal connector shield.
• 24k Gold Contacts tested to withstand 10,000 insertions to ensure signal integrity.
• Triple-Layer Shielding protects against radio frequency noise up to 1Ghz.
• Duraflex Hex Mesh protective jacket tested to withstand extreme temperature and over 4,000 bends.
• "Cable For Life" performance guarantee.
• Monster exclusive V-grip connectors increase reliability.
• Precise conductor length with exact wire terminations for precise signal timing and accuracy.

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MONSTER CABLE MCPLATUHD8 Platinum Ultra Speed HDMI Cable - 8ft

  • Brand: Monster
  • Product Code: MCPLATUHD8
  • Our Price $64.00