ROBOT WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 12.7 x 13.2 x 3.9 in
BATTERY: NiMH (nickel metal hydride)
UPC: 810841011727
SKU: D8000

The Neato Botvac D8000 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner is perfect to pick up hairs and is a great fit for homes with pet. The Neato Botvac D8000 is equipped with the latest patented LaserSmart technology, which allows this robot to determine the best way to efficiently vacuum floors. It is also capable of detecting objects and avoid them. The Neato Botvac D8000 will methodically clean the floor so you can be sure that no area is left untouched. The Botvac D8000 comes with two types of brush: the spiral blade brush and the combo brush. The spiral blade brush can operate on all type of floors while the combo brush picks up all type of hairs. The combo brush is quieter that the spiral blade brush, especially on hard floors such as wood and tile. It's D-shape design allows it to clean along walls and furniture and even corners! This intelligent robot will also return to the charging station whenever the battery is low. Once it is done charging, it goes back to work and returns where it left off.


  • Latest LaserSmart mapping technology for a methodical cleaning
  • Combines powerful suction and precsion brushes
  • Comes with Spiral Blade Brush and Combo Brush
  • High Performance Filter
  • Picks up all type of hairs
  • Extra-Large Dirt Bin (.7 Liters)
  • Precise edge cleaning
  • AutoCharge and AutoResume cleaning

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Neato Botvac D8000 High Performance Pet and Allergy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Original Price $549.99
  • Sale Price:$499.00